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20 Great Fonts for Design in 2017

As I’ve been in the design field for well over a decade, I’ve enjoyed seeing the different design trends that have come and gone. I look back at how Apple, one of my favorite companies, has changed their design just within the last couple of decades… just take a look at their logos, or even what Siri looks like. It’s also been fun to look at how fonts have changed from what you would call a “dated” font such as serif, to a “modern” sans-serif font.

Now, I realize that this blog will be speaking to different audiences that range from experienced designers to those just starting out. For this reason, I wanted to explain what a serif vs. sans-serif font looks like.

Taken from MaconPrinting’s website:

Serifs are semi-structural details or small decorative flourishes on the ends of some of the strokes that make up letters and symbols. An example would be the Times New Roman font. Sans serif does not have these details or flourishes. An example would be the Arial font.

An example of each would be:

Okay, now that we’ve got that out of the way (sorry, I love educating people when I get the chance!) I’ve listed 20 Great Fonts for Design in 2017.

  1. Avenir (should be installed by default)
  2. Proxima Nova ($30)
  3. Gotham
  4. Neuzeit Grotesk ($20)
  5. Bebas Neue
  6. Montserrat
  7. Open Sans
  8. RaleWay
  9. Oswald Bold
  10. Aileron
  11. Superb ($39-$40)
  12. Kayto ($20-$25)
  13. Blanka
  14. Cheque
  15. Leafy
  16. King Basil
  17. Humblle Rought
  18. Wild Youth
  19. Broken Wings
  20. Selima


What are some of your favorite fonts to use with design, or maybe even some of your favorites with just great readability? I would love to know!

Chris Voeltner
Chris Voeltner serves as the Director of Digital Ministry for Kindred Community Church in Anaheim Hills, CA. His passions are are utilizing the creative gifts God has given him to spread the Good News of the Gospel to the world and build up Godly leaders.